See and Do in Boston

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see and do in boston
With one of the country's highest concentrations of national historic landmarks, Boston has played a key part in America's history. This underlies Boston's reputation as a 'city of American firsts', with the city having established the first American subway system and public health department, school, park and library.

Boston's vital and continuing place in American history alongside its breathtaking parks and museums have made it one of the most visited cities in America. 

Attractions in Boston

Black Heritage Trail

As Massachusetts was the first state to abolish slavery in 1783, Boston developed a strong abolitionist black community largely made up of freed and escaped slaves. The Black Heritage Trail meanders past 14 sites illustrating local black history, including museums, meeting places and the homes of important figures in the emancipation struggle. 

Boston Public Garden

The Boston Public Garden is a tranquil park in the heart of Boston that forms part of the city's famed 'Emerald Necklace'. It offers scenic walking routes and boat rides on the garden's lagoon. 

Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum

This interactive family-friendly attraction allows visitors to learn about and re-enact the Boston Tea Party, a 1773 demonstration by a group of American revolutionaries. They stormed British ships carrying tea and threw their cargo overboard as a protest against unfair taxation. This event was key to the start of the War of Independence and therefore holds a vitally important place in American history.

Faneuil Hall Marketplace

The Faneuil Hall Marketplace has been in operation since 1743 and features designer stores, restaurants, cafés, stalls and even performing entertainers like jugglers, mimes and musicians. 

Museum of Fine Arts

A beautiful building in its own right, the Museum of Fine Arts houses nearly 450,000 artworks by some of the world’s most renowned artists in history, including Manet, Degas and Van Gogh.

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