Restaurants in Houston

Texas Barbecue as served in restaurants in TexasHouston is no dusty, Western one-street wonder and the restaurant scene is testament to its cosmopolitan core and its eclectic population. With over 8,000 restaurants representing cuisine from more than 35 countries, the Bayou City is finally gaining some much-deserved national recognition for its culinary culture.

Locals love their bistros, cafés, and fine dining options equally, and appetites in the big city are nearly as large as the assortment of venues on offer.

Though expats from nearly anywhere are likely to find a taste of home among Houston’s ethnic clusters, it’s recommended that newbies sample some of what’s become traditional fare and local speciality alike: Tex-Mex and Barbecue.
  • Tex-Mex: A uniquely Texan interpretation of Mexican food. Think burritos, chilli con carne, nachos and tacos.
  • Barbecue: a slow-cooking style over indirect heat that yields some of the tastiest, most tender meat in the whole of the USA. Barbecuing is usually done over wood, and is marinated either with a dry-rub or a tomato base.

If eating out isn't necessarily something that suits the budget, save up for Houston's Restaurant Week, a month-long event (usually in August) designed to showcase and promote the city's restaurant industry. Over the course of four weeks, selected eateries present a fixed menu at a discounted price, so patrons can sample the finest cuisine without too much pull on the piggy bank.

Restaurants in Houston

Tony's signature dishes strike a fine balance between Italian culinary classic and innovative, New American cuisine. Patrons can enjoy the delicious food and delightful wine in the company of an impressive collection of fine art.

Head to T'Afia for the Saturday Farmer's Market or for a true taste of what's fresh and available in Houston. Chef Monica Pope changes the menu daily but always features food created with locally sourced ingredients and a proverbial Western flair.

Authentic Mexican cuisine served within a lovingly restored Latin-style building. At Hugo's the atmosphere is lively, the tequila tempting and the food legendary. Book ahead, and don't count on a quiet night.

Goode Co. Barbecue
Honest, original Texan cooking. Goode's has become somewhat of a tradition in Houston, and claims the best mesquite-smoked barbeque in the Lone Star State. Enjoy a treat of slow-cooked ribs, brisket and sausage, and top it all off with a thick slice of pecan pie and some vanilla ice cream.

Laurenzo's El Tiempo Cantina    
Arguably Houston's holy grail of Tex-Mex, this temple to tacos, burritos and chili con carne always has a lively atmosphere and good service. Sample the superb fajitas or crabmeat quesadillas alongside one of its legendary margaritas.

Mark's American Cuisine    
This elegant eatery, known for its fine food and romantic atmosphere, goes to painstaking measures to accurately represent American progressive cuisine. The restaurant, housed in a converted 1920s church, is one of Houston’s premier date night spots, and even if the other half isn’t so entertaining, there is a lively bar perfect for mingling. Reservations are essential.

Vic & Anthony's Steakhouse    
This world-class steakhouse serves up prime cuts of meat to a clientele of carnivores with a taste for fine wine and a friendly, comfortable climate.

Indika is hands down Houston’s best Indian institution. Imagine the traditional textures and spices of the sub-continent modernized with the best Texan ingredients to form innovative and delicious combinations. The duck tandoori comes highly recommended, and order some naan bread to accompany any dish on the menu.

Chez Nous    
From the elegant presentation to the airy, tasteful décor, Chez Nous is simply divine. The authentic French country cuisine, such as shrimp Provencal and tournedos Rossini, served in this former Pentecostal Church, will whisk diners away to Europe in the middle of Texas. Book well ahead and dress to impress.

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