Working in Houston

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Working in HoustonExpats planning on working in Houston can anticipate becoming part of one of the USA’s fastest-growing business climates. The largest city in the Lone Star State isn’t often the first destination that comes to mind when imagining grand working opportunities. It is nonetheless one of America’s most consistent job creators and claims a pioneering spirit that can contend with the likes of New York City and Chicago.

Job market in Houston

The city is home to numerous multinational and Fortune 500 companies, with thousands of firms in the energy sector, the world’s largest medical centre and a prestigious aerospace facility. Needless to say, there are positions available across any number of industries.
Houston has historically been known as a global oil and gas capital. And although its economy has diversified in recent decades, its backbone is still built with 'black gold', and those looking for a job in this sector would do well to move west to this former frontier. Otherwise, the healthcare industry is burgeoning, and jobs continue to increase in this sector. On the other hand, the construction and civil service industries aren't as strong as they once were.

For expats looking to start a business in Houston, there are various state and local incentives available to support new endeavours and to encourage expansion in already-established companies. Furthermore, the state’s tax structure (there is no individual or corporate income tax levied by the state of Texas) makes it an appealing place to start a business.

Finding a job in Houston

There are many job portal sites online that expats can utilise to find a job in Houston. For those looking for a job prior to settling in Houston, recruitment agencies can assist with the process. 

Regardless of which sphere of employment expats are interested in, Houston is home to a diverse population of local transplants and internationals, so they won’t find themselves limited by their ethnicity.

It may take some adjusting to the traditionally conservative outlook that aligns with Southern American values; but otherwise, the general belief seems to be that if a person works hard in Houston, they are bound to be successful. A strong can-do attitude prevails in the city, and a well-maintained infrastructure and transport system eases the difficulties associated with settling into a new workplace.

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