Moving to Los Angeles

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Expats moving to Los Angeles (LA) will encounter the USA at its vibrant, bewildering best. Los Angeles provides a counterweight to the erect, curt, and dense cities of the east coast. It spreads lethargically across huge sections of desert coastline showing the best and worst of life in America.

Golden beaches and beautiful people project a glamorous LA culture that resonates around the world. This “centre of the earth” type ambience inspires ultra-modern trends, cutting edACge entertainment, trendy restaurants and vibrant night-life.

Unfortunately such extreme beauty is not without a price. In stark contrast to its attractive and relaxed, suntanned, coastal lifestyle, LA has under-funded schools, high crime rates, and large ghettos.

A very diverse population spread over a large area has created near microcosms of city within city. These insular neighbourhoods can offer expats a sense of community within an expansive area. However, everyone must endure some realities of living within the greater LA metropolis, such as, terrible air quality and extremely long commutes across a city with a notoriously ill-fated system of public transportation.

The city also has a diverse business community with industries tapping into nearly every sector of America's economy as well as overseas markets.

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