Hotels in Istanbul

Istanbul has all the major hotel chains – Hilton, Ritz Carlton, Intercontinental.

Some of the more unique hotels are the Ciragan Palace Kempinski (pronounced Chiran). Try the High Tea in their gardens on the Bosphorus. Also the Four Seasons has a beautiful new property right on the Bosphorus – they too serve a tea in their gardens.
There are some beautiful boutique hotels on both shores of the Bosphorus. These have good restaurants with fabulous locations and views. They can be rather pricey but are great for special occasions. Some of the boutique hotels on the Asian side are Sumahan on the Water, and Ajia; and on the European side are Les Ottomans and Bebek Hotel.

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Bombay, India
Bombay, India
Shireen Mistry has recently returned to Bombay after living in Istanbul for 5 years. Her time in Istanbul (2003-2008) was...

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