Expat Blogs in South Africa

Few resources can build a better picture of life in South Africa than the expat blogs maintained by already established foreigners. Whether these writers are recounting great challenges, relaying roll-on-the-floor funny encounters, delivering crucial advice and important tips or reaching out to those around them, their insights afford others a unique and personal glimpse into their new community.

Recommended expat blogs in South Africa

Maple and Marula

Canadian expat Phil, who moved to South Africa in September 2016, runs this informative and often humorous blog about life as an expat in South Africa.

► Nationality: Canadian

Time For Tea

British-born expat Hannah Pirnie moved to South Africa in 2010, choosing eGoli as her home. Her blog features her experiences of adapting, as well as tips and advice about surviving expat life.

► Nationality: British

My Thoughts From the Deep End

American expat Liza shares her experiences of living in South Africa in her blog 'My Thoughts From the Deep End'. Insightful and useful, the blog is a great resource for anyone choosing the City of Gold as their home.

► Nationality: American

Expat Partner Survival

Serial expat Clara is what you would call well-travelled. Having lived in eleven countries, she has a wealth of knowledge about adjusting to new environments and cultures. Her blog provides an objective view into life in South Africa, looking at the country from every angle possible. The blog is especially relevant for trailing spouses. 

► Nationality: British

2 Summers

A blog featuring food, photography and a cat with a double life, 2 Summers chronicles American expat Heather Mason's experiences in Johannesburg. A blog as quirky, varied and at times moving as the city which inspires it, 2 Summers is a must-read for anyone who wants an alternative view of the City of Gold.

► Nationality: American

Joburg Expat

You may have heard of TIA (“This is Africa”), the idea coined by the film Blood Diamond that you have to accept a certain level of basic inefficiency when on the continent. Well… this blog is TIWYDIA, or “This Is What You Do In Africa”. In short, a collection of crucial tips, experiences and humorous episodes that can guide you through your initial relocation and settling in. A great read at any time. 

► Nationality: German-American


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