Perhaps one of the most widely recognised symbols of Canada is the Mountie, the storied red-coated federal police officers sitting atop their trusty steeds.

True to its association, Canada is considered an incredibly safe destination, and expats won’t need to be overly concerned about their state of security while living here. The Canadian police are proactive, professional, timely and efficient. As opposed to the situations in many emerging nations, these authority enforcement officers are perceived as helpful guardians of law and order and, for the most part, are to be trusted and relied upon in times of need or emergency.

Crime in Canada

Crime rates in Canada’s major cities are below those of major US metropolises. Non-violent crime does occur, particularly in the seedy neighbourhoods of heavily urbanised areas. In these spaces there is a higher prevalence of property theft, theft from cars and shoplifting.

Still, by taking basic precautions and using common sense, such as locking vacant cars, avoiding poorly lit streets at night and keeping expensive items out of sight, expats should be able to avoid any conflict. 

Road safety in Canada

Expats moving to Canada have little to be concerned about when it comes to safety on the road. Generally speaking, the standard of road infrastructure in Canada is excellent and drivers are courteous and obey the rules of the road.

Furthermore, the Canadian authorities take road safety seriously and invest considerable amounts of time and money into programmes to educate the population on various road safety issues such as driving in severe Canadian winters. The penalties for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs are high in Canada and are stringently enforced by the authorities. 

Health safety in Canada

There are no specific health concerns for expats moving to Canada. The healthcare system is well-equipped to deal with emergencies.

Emergency numbers in Canada

For all emergencies in Canada requiring police, the fire department or an ambulance, expats should dial 911.

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