Essential info for Jamaica

Population: About 3 million

Capital city: Kingston

Geography: Jamaica is the third biggest island in the Caribbean. Much of inland Jamaica is covered in rough and mountainous terrain, with a significant number of small and underground rivers traversing the country. The coastline is made up of a combination of white sandy beaches and rugged, rocky areas.

Political system: Parliamentary democracy under a constitutional monarchy

Major religions: Christianity

Main languages: English and Jamaican Patois

Money: The country's official currency is the Jamaican Dollar (JMD), which is divided into 100 cents. ATMs and card facilities are available in most major urban centres and tourist areas.

Tipping: A tip of 10 to 15 percent is generally expected for most services 

Time: GMT-5

Electricity: 110 volts, 50 Hz. Plugs with two flat blades are used throughout the country. 

Internet domain: .jm

International dialling code: +1 (876)

Emergency contacts: 119 (police), 110 (fire and ambulance)

Transport and driving: Taxis and buses are the most common form of public transport in Jamaica. Buses can be crowded and unreliable, but taxis are available in most urban centres and often offer a quicker way to get around. Vehicles drive on the left-hand side of the road.

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