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Posted by Anya
on 25 Jun 2020


I’m hoping to stay in Ecuador next year for a few months so I will be looking for accommodation. Does anyone have any suggestions on the best sites to use? I’ve heard using Facebook can be helpful but I’m not so sure how secure that is. I’ve heard it’s best to visit a property in person first before securing a lease or paying any money, so this makes securing accommodation tricky… Also I’ve read that leases are normally one year but can be longer – can shorter term leases be arranged/what if I plan on cancelling my lease early? I’d appreciate any information on leases, deposits and how to find place to live in in Ecuador. Oh – any recommendations on neighbourhoods and areas around Quito/Guayaquil would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Claire on 1 Jul 2020 - 07:59

Hi Anya! Sounds great to be staying in Ecuador! 

There are loads of online platforms for finding accommodation in Ecuador, you can check out MLS-Ecuador, LongTermLettings and Ecuador Home Sales. Alternatively, you could find an Airbnb to stay in for a few days before you secure and sign any lease from abroad. Have you read Expat Arrival's page Accommodation in Ecuador? It has all the essential information you may need on deposits, leases, paying utilities and notice periods in the country and is useful no matter the city you stay in, whether it's Quito or Cuenca or Guayaquil.

It seems landlords normally give three months’ notice and tenants should give at least one month of notice before ending the lease early. If this is followed, early termination fees should not be charged. But analyse that lease thoroughly before signing it to avoid any legal complications. You don't want to be in a foreign country with conflict over a lease. 

Hope that helps?

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