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Posted by Anya
on 9 Jul 2020

Hello all! I am thinking of moving to Kenya for a few months for a work opportunity, but don't know where to start looking regarding housing. I don't mind if it's in a house or an apartment, and I don't mind doing a flatshare if need be (are flatshares and houseshares common in Nairobi?) I am wondering how easy it is to rent in Kenya. What documents will I likely need? Will I need to show a bank statement or proof that I am creditworthy to rent? If anyone on the forum has advice on paying utilities, including water and electricity, and deposits in Nairobi that would be appreciated! I've heard rental contracts are normally for longer terms, but what about short-term stays? Can leases be flexible and how much notice must I give if I leave before the lease end date?

Thanks in advance!

Claire on 21 Jul 2020 - 08:28

Hi Anya, it should be relatively easy to rent in Kenya, depending on your budget... Some areas in Nairobi are quite expensive to rent, though there is housing to suit most budgets. Many expats' employers help with finding and arranging accommodation, although for those that don't, the best route is a real estate agency. Real estate agents in Kenya can assist with the process and usual documents required for lease applications.

Landlords have varying requirements when renting in Kenya, but you may need proof that you are creditworthy. Most importantly you will need to pay a deposit, often of three months' rent (though this also varies). Tenants likely must pay for their utilities at an additional cost, though in compounds, security costs may be inclusive. Have you read the Expat Arrivals page on Accommodation in Kenya? It's a great starting point for your research.

Hope that helps.

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