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Posted by Shruti_D
on 14 Oct 2018


Me and my husband are planning to move to berlin in next 2 months with our six and a half year old daughter. Are there any possibilities to get mid term admission in International schools? And which is the better of all schools? 

Thanks in Advance

Meagan on 15 Oct 2018

Hi Shruti,

International schools are generally quite used to families coming and going at fairly short notice, and I'm fairly certain most will have a policy allowing mid-term admission. Your biggest challenge will likely be finding a school that has space – the most popular and well-respected schools often have long waiting lists. For that reason, I would advise you to begin the process of contacting several schools as soon as possible to enquire about space (and to confirm that they do indeed accept mid-term admissions – I'm pretty certain most if not all would but it's best to double check).

Where are you moving from? Another thing to consider would be the curriculum of the school. For instance, if your daughter has been at, for example, an American or British school, it's ideal to continue with that curriculum for minimum disruption. For some advice, I recommend you take a look at our Education and Schools in Berlin page, particularly the section on bilingual and international schools. Another good page to look at would be the International Schools in Berlin page. It has listings of recommended schools, including what curriculum they follow as well as links to their websites.

Hope this helps, and best of luck with the move!

– Meagan


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