Moving to Florence

moving to florence
Revered as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, many expats move to Florence to discover and experience the home of many great men and women who changed history. As the birthplace of the Renaissance, millions of visitors from around the globe arrive each year to explore its churches, museums and piazzas.
Many expats move to Florence to look for work within the tourism, fashion and education industries, and quite a few expats have successfully opened businesses of their own.
These newcomers, along with many others, will surely find that networking is the best way to secure a job in the city. Expats should also note that its best to meet people face-to-face, since Florentines tend to hire based on personal impression.
Aside from those coming to work or to experience a new life in Florence, thousands of students, both young and old, arrive each year to participate in study abroad programs, as well as short-term courses that explore Italian language, art, history, and fashion.
Expats will find Florence a misura d’uomo, meaning its size is manageable to navigate easily on foot. With a number of private and public green spaces, as well as intriguing architecture found around town, riding a bicycle is a popular mode of transportation, and a great way for expats to take in all there is to see and do.
In addition to the city’s charm, Florence has outstanding modern infrastructural systems of healthcare and education, with a world-renowned university and a large teaching hospital.
Once settled, expats will see that Florence is a provincial city with an international flair. The rich cultural life, marked by marvellous museums and seemingly endless points of attraction, combine with the simplest pleasures of Italian life, like eating in charming restaurants, known as osterie and trattorie, or shopping for fresh fruits, meat and cheese in the two main open markets.
Expats should understand that with many foreigners passing through, the locals can sometimes appear unfriendly. To survive the city and to cultivate acceptance, it is necessary to develop a 'go with the flow' attitude. Persistence, patience, spontaneity, and sincerity are key traits to truly thrive in Florence.
If expats can frame Florence in the light of these personality traits, they’ll certainly enjoy the magic of this wonderful city and the many layers of its past and present while at the same participating in its future.

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