Few resources can build a better picture of life in Spain than the expat blogs maintained by already established foreigners. Whether these writers are recounting great challenges, relaying roll-on-the-floor funny encounters, delivering crucial advice and important tips or reaching out to those around them, their insight affords others a unique and personal glimpse into their new community.

Best expat blogs in Spain

Sunshine and Siestas

Cat shares her experience of life in Spain, as well as tips for other expats wanting to move to its sunny shores. This insightful blog is great a great way for expats to get aquatinted with what to expect from life in the country. 

Nationality: American

Sunshine and Siestas

Barcelona Navigator

In his blog, Dan shares tips into the best areas to visit and things to do in Barcelona. His blog is great for tourists and expats alike, as it provides insights about all aspects of the city, from the best tapas in town to a guide of the city's Roman history. 

Nationality: American 

Barcelona Navigator


Not Hemingway's Spain

An insightful blog by Zach, an American expat married to a Spaniard and living in Valencia. He wants Americans to know that there exists a Spain that Hemingway never visited, and in many ways, it is actually better than the one he did see.

► Nationality: American

Not Hemingway's Spain - An expat blog in Spain


Crucial tips and informative guides written by an expat in Madrid who's “been there done that”. Find the answers to questions you may have about renting a flat, confirming the cost of living, organising an NIE number and more. 

► Nationality: British/French

Moving2Madrid Expat Blog

Sunshine and Siestas

From the skyscrapers of Chicago to the olive groves of southern Spain, Cat blogs about life as a guiri in Seville, Spain, and all that goes along with it - travelling in and around Spain, teaching abroad, pesky Spanish idioms and how to eat like a Spaniard.

Nationality: American

Sunshine and Siestas - An American blog in Spain

Living in Rural Mallorca

Jan shares her experiences and insights about life in rural Mallorca in this interesting and colourful blog. Living in an old finca, Jan is an avid writer, working with nature’s soundtrack of birds, insects, sheep bells and braying donkeys playing around her.

Nationality: British

Living in Rural Mallorca - an expat blog in Spain

Wagoners Abroad

The Wagoners are an American family of four living in Spain and loving life. They share their adventures, travel tips and general observations about life in Spain in this interesting blog.

 Nationality: American

Staying Sane in Spain

Maureen may have been a bit of a Spanophile before settling permanently in sunny Spain, but her blog still gives careful consideration to an English-speaking expat perspective. She uses her long-time experience abroad to shed some light on those points that no guidebook could ever broach. 


La Tortuga Viajera (The Traveling Turtle)

This award-winning blogger has devoted a special site section specifically to “expat life in Madrid”. Besides recommending some signature un-Spanish spots on this page though, she also chronicles her relocation and European travels in a visually-appealing, informative and captivating manner. 

Nationality: American

La Tortuga Viajera - expat blog in Spain

Orange Polka Dot

She moved from California to Catalunya in 2009, and has since been bringing foreigners everywhere, arguably, the best info about Barcelona in the blogosphere. This expat blogs gives some much needed attention to the customs, traditions and nuanced ways of life specific to the Catalan region. 

Nationality: American

Orange Polka Dot - expat blog in Spain

The Rain in Spain

She may go by Mother Theresa, but there’s little that’s saintly about this expat mum living in the Pamplona area. In fact, her slightly devilish sense of humour is what makes her blog so enjoyable. Well, that and the insight she allows us into Iberian life.

Nationality: American

The Rain in Spain - expat blog in Spain

Siebs in Spain

Seduced by a study abroad experience in college, this expat blogger returned to Seville after graduation to acquire new skills, and to further marinate in southern Spain’s slow-paced culture. Her blog provides a glimpse into Andalusian expat life, and manages to make even the mundane entertaining.

Nationality: American

Siebs in Spain - An expat blog about Spain


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