Essential Info for Sweden

Population: 10 million

Capital city: Stockholm 

Neighbouring countries: Sweden is located in northern Europe and shares borders with Norway to the west and Finland to the northeast. To the east and south of the country are the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Bothnia. 

Geography: Sweden is a heavily forested country with two-thirds of it being made of forest and woodland. Mountains and hills are dominant in the west and a small part of the country lies north of the arctic circle. The lowest elevation in Sweden is in the bay of Lake Hammarsjön and the highest point is Kebnekaise. There are also over 95,000 lakes in Sweden, many of which are used for water power plants. 

Political system: Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy

Major religions: Christianity is the major religion in Sweden. Islam is the second largest religion in Sweden but is only practised by around five percent of the population. 

Main languages: Swedish is the official language and is spoken by the majority of the population. English is also widely spoken, especially in the cities and within business circles.

Money:  The Swedish crown or krona (SEK) is the official currency in Sweden and is divided into 100 ore. Credit and debits cards are widely accepted. 

Tipping: Although service charges are built into restaurant bills, an extra tip of 7 to 10 percent is expected for dinners. It is normal to round up the fare when paying for a taxi. While not expected, tips are appreciated for good service in hotels.

Time: GMT+1 (GMT+2 from the last Sunday in March to the last Sunday in October)

Electricity: 230 volts, 50Hz. Standard European two-pin plugs are used.

Internet domain: .se

International dialling code: +46

Emergency contacts: The emergency number in Sweden is 112 and it can be used to access police, ambulance and fire services. Operators generally speak good English and the standard of the emergency services in Sweden is very good.

Transport and driving: Cars drive on the right-hand side of the road in Sweden. Sweden's public transport system is made up of buses, trains and boats. Swedish rail services are very good and the bus network is extensive.

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