A city surrounded by water, blessed with spectacular scenery and loads of green spaces, and coloured by a storied history, expats will have plenty to see, do and learn in Stockholm. Whether they are interested in the city’s ancient origins or exploring the tranquil waterways of the Stockholm archipelago, the city has something for a variety of tastes and preferences.

Expats may want to consider seeing as many of Stockholm's attractions as they can by bicycle. By purchasing a membership from the City Bikes website or a selection of stores across the city, they'll be able to hire a bicycle from one of more than 100 bicycle hubs across the city. Cycling through Stockholm is not only a healthy way for expats to get to know their surroundings, but is an attraction in itself, affording expats striking views of this beautiful city.

Recommended sightseeing in Stockholm

Moderna Museet

Recognised as being on the cutting edge of art since it opened in 1958, the Moderna Museet has introduced avant-garde artists such as Andy Warhol to Swedish audiences for more than 50 years. The gallery is organised from newest to oldest, showcasing recent exhibitions as well as work by great artists such as Picasso and Jackson Pollock.

Museum of National Antiquities 

A must-see for expats interested in ancient Scandinavian history, expats with children will also find the Museum of National Antiquities to be a worthwhile trip. The museum contains archaeological artefacts, gold objects and Viking treasures. The museum is also home to the famous gold- and jewel-encrusted casket that contained the skull of Saint Elisabeth of Thuringia. 

Royal Djurgården

The island of Djurgården is in the heart of Stockholm and it is the location of many museums, restaurants and parks. Expats can purchase souvenirs at the Handarbetets Vänner or visit Gröna Lund, Sweden’s oldest amusement park. On the other hand, children can enjoy Nordic wildlife at the zoo and explore the Junibacken fairytale fun centre. The best part of this attraction is that it is only a 10-minute walk from the city centre. 

Royal Palace and Gamla Stan

No visit to Stockholm would be complete without seeing the Royal Palace and spending some time in Gamla Stan. Expats can visit some of the palace’s 608 staterooms, the Hall of State, the Royal Treasury and can witness the changing of the guards. The streets of Gamla Stan are lined with restaurants and boutiques. Expats should also not miss the Storkyrkan Cathedral, which dates back to the 13th century. 

Stockholm City Hall

A major landmark in Stockholm, the City Hall is located on Kungsholmen. Expats who are interested in architecture will appreciate this building’s practical red-brick exterior, the three golden crowns on top of its tower, and its Art Nouveau interior with its vaulted ceiling. Expats looking for a spectacular view of Stockholm will find it at the top of City Hall’s tower. 

Stockholm Globe

Sporting enthusiasts will enjoy a visit to this massive arena which holds the title of the world’s largest spherical building. Restaurants, bars and shops are available for those who are not as fascinated by sports trivia. Expats can also experience SkyView, a glass elevator that carries visitors up the outside of the building to the top. 

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