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Want to know the absolute best thing about succulents? It’s that succulent care is shockingly simple and requires almost zero work or time—a huge, huge win in our book!

Basically, you just need to put your succulents in a spot that mirrors their natural arid, desert environment. So pick a room with a decent amount of sunlight and a little bit of heat. Then just water them once a week and let them do their thing—which we hope is to wow all those guests you have over for dinner.

But wait… It gets even better. You can expect your indoor succulents to live for several months, if not years. They are also extremely durable and resistant to annoying little pests.


Succulents types: peperomia graveolens | mother of thousands | portulacaria afra | variegated string-of hearts | gymnocalycium mihanovichii | echeveria elegans | crassula capitella | euphoria lactea cristata | thimble cactus | crassula ovata | sedum adolphii | sedum rubrotinctum | aloe aristata | aeonium kiwi | adromischus cristatus