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Expert Tips to add MLA citations in an Essay - 2021



What is the biggest difference between an essay that you write and one that a 7th grader writes? Sure, your word choice and sentence structure would be better but what makes your work unique are examples and evidence. In college, any claim you make needs to be backed up with evidence that a neutral audience can verify. If you want a perfectly written essay that scores a high grade, either contact an essay writing website or follow the given guideline.

What are citations

Citations are references to an external source that you can use in your essay to strengthen your claims. You will add in-text citations when you provide evidence for your claim and mention it on the final page titled ‘work cited’. If you feel like you cannot gather enough information on the topic, contact an essay writing service. These services will write your essays and include all the required citations

The general layout of an MLA essay

Your MLA based essay will not have a title page. You have to start by mentioning your name, the professor's name, the course code, and the date on the top left side of the first page. Begin your introduction on the same page after you write the title. In MLA format, each paragraph is double spaced and the font is either ariel or times new roman in 12 or 11 sizes. There are no footnotes so all your references will be written at the end on the last page.

MLA citations and examples

  1. Paraphrased in-text citation

In parenthesis, write the last name of the author followed by the page number. If you do not know the name of the author, write the first few words of the title in quotation marks and follow with the page number.

Example (with essay writer): A research article published in 2017 claimed that by the year 2050, flooding will become an annual occurrence because of global warming (Johnson 3).

Example (without author): An article titled “Renewable Energy: the only way to save the planet” explains how fossil fuels will run out by the year 2070 (“Renewable Energy” 4).

  1. Quotations

If you would like to use the exact words of an article or a famous significant personality, use direct quotes. In MLA, if the quote to be used is less than 40 words, integrate it within the sentence using quotation marks. If the quote is longer, add a paragraph space before and after your quote. You mustn't add any quotation marks.

Example (short quote): An article claims that “fighting global warming is no longer a choice; it is a necessity.” (Johnson 6).

Example of a long quote:

Fossil fuels are very limited and will run out soon. An article claims

*insert more than 40 words here. There are no quotation marks here* (Johnson 1)

Continue the next paragraph from the next line

  1. Work cited

Your citations will be written in detail on your last page where you cite your work. You have to write the last name of the authors, the title, the journal, the year of publishing, and the page number. An example is given for your understanding

Johnson, Albert. “Renewable energy” Journal of science code (2010): 21-31

Citing your essay in MLA is easy. You should analyze sample MLA papers to get a better understanding of these concepts. If you don’t want to get into this complexity, hire an online service and tell them to “write my essay for me in the given time while I relax”. These services will provide you with a brilliant paper that you have to directly send to your professor.


Citations are absolutely necessary for college-level academic writing. You have to make claims and support them with evidence from credible sources. MLA citations are easy because they do not require any footnotes. You can also use online software to add citations to your document.


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