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The mobile revolution is upon us! We’ve been developing new and exciting mobile solutions that are all about simplifying you’re lifestyle---because let’s face it, you’re busy! More details here plant identification books. And we know how much you dislike spending 20 minutes at the end of your day listening to voicemail after voicemail as you frantically try to keep track of the messages. So with all the great mobile innovations that make communicating easier, why should voicemail be stuck in the past!? Well, we’re bringing voicemail into the new millennium!

We’ve partnered with Vivo Brazil to develop ---a powerful  that gives Vivo subscribers the ability to have voicemails converted to text and delivered via SMS --- fast and simple! Just imagine---no more replaying messages over and over as you try and write down names and numbers (transcribing voicemails left by rapid speaking ‘auctioneers’ can be tough!). With , all the information you need appears right on your screen! So put the pen and paper down and take back your time!

We want to hear from you Vivo subscribers! Once you’ve given  a try, drop us a line and let us know how it helped you out!