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Based in Bergen, Norway, Karin is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Ellis Culture and Consulting.  She develops and holds trainings on multicultural communication, and consults in regard to international culture.

She has lived and worked in many different countries, and has 27 years of experience working for large companies in Norway with a global presence.  The trainings she gives are based on practical experience from living and taking part in business life in these countries, as well as global projects with participants from many nations, including remote collaboration.  She has developed and held cross cultural trainings for more than 1000 participants from many countries.

Karin established Ellis Culture and Consulting to be able to focus fully on how to achieve better communication, less frustration and improved quality through increased cultural awareness.

Companies will only succeed in achieving the full potential of internalisation/globalisation when they see the value of increased cultural awareness.

She can assist expats to Norway by offering insight into Norwegian culture in a business and social setting. She will give practical advice based on daily life in Norway, combined with concrete hints and tips on how to act in typical scenarios that are likely to result in a culture shock.

She travels regularly, and has started doing voluntary work to learn about new cultures.  

For contact information, please check the Ellis Culture and Consulting web site.