AAlcanta College in Guangzhouddress: 14 Guangsheng Road, Nansha District, Guangzhou 511458

Website: www.aicib.org

Email: admission@aicib.org 

Telephone: +86 20 8618 3666

Gender: Co-educational

Teaching language: English

Curriculum: International Baccalaureate

Age: 13 to 18 


Alcanta International College (AIC), part of the well-established Alcanta Education Organization, is an IB World School in Guangzhou. AIC offers a two-year Pre-Diploma Programme and a two-year IB Diploma programme for Chinese and international students. It is the first IB World School in Guangzhou to recruit Chinese students without foreign passports as Chinese children have not been allowed to attend international schools in the past. AIC also recruits international students from all over the world regardless of race, religion and background.

The school is housed in newly renovated facilities which are bright and spacious, with state-of-the-art equipment. The facilities include a library, a computer room equipped with Apple desktops, dance room, art studios, ping pong tables, tracks, football pitch, badminton and basketball courts, a recreational garden area and rooftop terrace. Boarding facilities include en suite bathrooms, common living and kitchen areas and study desks in each room.

What the school says

“Grounded in Chinese culture and nurtured in the IB spirit of internationalism, AIC students become active and globalised citizens achieving entry to diverse universities worldwide. Offering a four-year programme, we focus on producing excellent international university acceptance results for our students, guided by highly experienced IB Diploma Programme teachers, examiners and workshop leaders in our integrated multi-cultural community of learners.”

What the teachers say

“Working at AIC is at times like joining an extended family. The favourable ratio between teachers and their students allows staff to really get to the heart of students' learning needs and to meet their individual learning styles. The overarching IB learner principles really do apply to all and the progress of your classes becomes more of a meaningful, relevant and, of course, challenging endeavour. This is very rewarding, as the students here are a pleasure to teach. Unlike other international schools, you can expect that genuine interaction with staff and students alike. This promotes a holistic development of life skills, as well as a sound education.”
– Jamie Lowe, Art Teacher, Scotland

“The students at AIC are delightful, eager to learn and to be involved in their studies. The very small class sizes allow me to know my students and to vary my teaching methods to their needs. I enjoy the access to them in evening study time because it allows me extra time to mentor and assist them."
– Sheryl Krengel, Business and Management and IT Teacher, USA.

Where do students go?

The students of AIC have received offers from many renowned universities of the world, including but not limited to the following:

  • USA: New York University, University of Washington, Minnesota Twin Cities University and University of Illinois Urbana Champagne 

  • Hong Kong: University of Hong Kong, Chinese University of Hong Kong and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

  • UK: University College London, University of Bath, University of Bristol, Kings College London and Warwick University

  • Canada: University of Toronto, Queen’s University, McGill University and University of British Columbia

  • Australia: University of Sydney, University of New South Wales, University of Melbourne, and the National University of Australia


AIC offers a four-year programme geared towards the IB Diploma: students begin with pre-IB Diploma years from Grade 8 to Grade 10, followed by the full IB Diploma programme in Grades 11 and 12.


Fees for the 2018/2019 year are 138,000 RMB per year for the Grade 8 and 9 programmes. For the Grade 10 and IB Diploma Programme, the fees for both amount to 168,000 RMB per year. 

There is a once-off application fee of 300 RMB.


The school is in Baiyun District right next to the west entrance of Baiyun Mountain. It is near the Xiao-gang Station. It is approximately six miles (10km) from central Guangzhou.

From the director

"We have carefully chosen teaching staff for their expertise in international education as well as their dedication to student-centred learning. We are particularly proud of the fact that our staff has an exceptional wealth of experience and leadership in the IB Diploma Programme, a premier university preparatory programme known for its high standards and pedagogical leadership in the world. The Chinese dimension – expatriate students studying together with local Chinese students and an emphasis on Chinese language and culture in our programme – will enable overseas students to take full advantage of their stay in China.”
– David Cao, Executive Director

From the parents

“I want to send my kid abroad to one of the English-speaking countries for education but I think he is still too young and immature to handle various challenges at this point. Studying the IB programme at AIC can really help equip him with skills needed to adapt to college-level curriculum and foreign cultures once he’s ready for college. The teachers at AIC are very experienced and professional, the school facilities are great, and hence, I trust AIC for what they do. My friends envy us for discovering a good school, and they wish to send their kids to AIC as well.”
– Liu Xue’s father

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