There's no fine art to expat living; a stint overseas can finish with a fairytale ending just as often as it can end up a repressed memory.

But as the wise and experienced initiates of the expat realm will tell you, chartering into unknown territory is half the fun.

That being said, there's no better way to prepare yourself for a move abroad than to read about the trials and tribulations of expats living and working overseas who've been there, done that.

That's why as part of our expat living section we've collected hundreds of unique articles, personal interviews, pieces of expert advice and fast fact sheets that can help you on your way to understanding your move abroad.

Read on to learn more about financial advice, issues of the expat woman, working overseas or overcoming culture shock.

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International Removals

Get a free quote and save on your moving costs

Compare quotes from leading international movers Save time and money choosing a reliable international moving company Compare prices from up to five carefully…

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International Health Insurance

Find the best International Health Insurance for you

Expat Arrivals recommends Aetna International and Cigna Global for international expat health insurance.   Request free quotes from each provider and see how…

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international school

International Schools Guide

A guide to the world's best international schools Finding the right school for your child is one of the primary concerns for families when moving to a new…

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Parenting tips for expat families moving to Singapore

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American Expats are given one-year reprieve on US repatriation tax

Six months ago Donald Trump signed a law that would have resulted in massive tax liabilities for Americans living abroad who own business

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Book review: Happy as a Partridge

After growing bored of life in England, Kate Boyle left to work as a TEFL teacher in Madrid, Spain. Kate shares her adventures in her debut novel.

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Expat Living

There's no fine art to expat living; a stint overseas can finish with a fairytale ending just as often as it can end up a repressed memory. But as the wise and…

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NIS Jakarta

How curiosity fuels learning in expat children

It's no secret that curiosity is a powerful elixir for learning; when people are curious about something, they learn more, and better.

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Copyright - Flickr /Hernan Pinera

The Expat Woman

It's a bird, it's a plane, no – it's an expat family. Charged with the task of raising third-culture kids, putting their career on the shelf as a trailing…

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Abacus, © Anssi Koskinen

Financial Advice for Expats

Whether you are a young executive planning your first move overseas or a high net worth individual, there are many financial matters to consider when moving…

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Dealing with Culture Shock

Expats moving overseas or working abroad will certainly experience some degree of culture shock. Whether you’re completely lost in translation, adapting to the…

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The expat's guide to eating out in Vietnam

Vietnamese food is known worldwide for its exciting flavours and aromas, and expats are sure to enjoy sampling the local fare.

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Interview with Stuart Oswald- A British expat living in Colombia

Stuart Oswald is a British expat living in rural Colombia with his family. He is passionate about the local people and culture, and uses his knowledge of the…

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An Interview with Dragos - a Romanian expat living in Austria

Dragos is a software engineer who moved from Romania to Austria in 2010. The differences between life in East-Europe are profound and Dragos has developed a…

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An Interview with Nadine - A British expat in Kenya

Nadine, the 'expat mummy', left London in 2011 to move to Cape Town with her husband. After six years spent raising three kids and adjusting to Cape Town's…

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One World International School's flexible approach to affordable education

It's all too easy to assume that education can only be either affordable or excellent. In practice, though, it's rarely that simple – in fact, a moderately…

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Interview with Heloise – a Dutch expat living in Johannesburg

After living in global capitals such as London, Paris and Amsterdam, Heloise Van Beerschoten-Roschlau chose to settle in Johannesburg. An entrepreneurial…

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Costa Rica

Interview with Jason Mueller - A Canadian expat living in Costa Rica

Jason Mueller is a Canadian expat who moved to Jacó to start a business and make the most of the "pura vida" lifestyle in Costa Rica. He runs his own business…

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Interview with Gary - an American expat living in Hungary

Gary Lukatch left his house, car and his 30-year career in finance behind in the US to move to Budapest, where he's been living for the past 19 years.…

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Interview with Colm - an Irish-American expat living in Hungary

Colm FitzGerald, an Irish-American expat living in Hungary, is a budding authority on the great tradition of Hungarian winemaking. Colm has previously lived in…

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