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Moving to Germany, Living in Germany, Go to GermanyGermany is a modern, cosmopolitan and innovative country and those making the transition to expat life in the country should find it fairly straightforward. With its powerful economy, international business hubs and notably high quality of life, Germany has long been a popular expat destination, in fact around 20 percent of the country’s population has immigrant roots.

One of the largest hurdles for those wanting to move to Germany are the stringent immigration regulations that are regularly tightened in order to protect German employees.

However, expats with skills in particular areas such as business, science and technology will find plenty of job opportunities in the country, as companies and the government are actively looking for qualified workers to take up positions in these sectors. Furthermore, many industries and major household names have international offices and headquarters in Germany.
New arrivals in Germany will find that the general standard of infrastructure is excellent. German cities tend to have extensive public transport networks which reduces the need to own a car. Furthermore, transport links and the availability of low-cost flights make getting around the continent from Germany rather easy as well.

Expats moving to Germany will find that there are plenty of well-priced housing options available, varying from furnished or unfurnished flats and maisonettes to trendy studio apartments, cottages and grand family houses. While the majority of expats living in Germany opt to rent property rather than buy it, the process of purchasing a house is fairly straightforward, even for foreign citizens.

Germany has a growing culture focused on healthy-living and expats will find that it boasts excellent healthcare facilities. Both public and private hospitals in Germany are on par with international standards, and those with specific health concerns can find comfort in the fact that the country is home to a number of specialist facilities.

Expats with children will be pleased to know that the standard of education in Germany is exceptionally high and there are a variety of different options available, as well as an array of different international schools located throughout the country. The German education system accommodates students of various different abilities and even provides opportunities for students to study more vocational subjects.

The cost of living in Germany is quite high, but near average amongst Western European countries; although, life in the cities will be considerably more expensive than in rural areas. Some expats may also find that life in Germany is quite rigid. However, many people are willing to accept its strict rules in return for safety and an excellent standards of living. 

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