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Moving to Germany, Living in Germany, Go to GermanyBoasting an enormous and powerful economy, international business hubs and a notably high quality of life, Germany is a sought-after expat destination. A large expat community adds to centuries of German history and culture, making this destination both uniquely German and familiar to expats from around the globe. Expats in Germany can enjoy unusually good schools and well-run and efficient infrastructure, public transportation and healthcare.

Often one of the largest hurdles in moving to Germany is the stringent immigration regulations which have tightened recently in order to protect German jobs. Yet many industries are in dire need of skilled employees and the government actively courts qualified workers from around the world as Germany emerges as a technology and science hub. Many other industries with household names and international offices have headquarters in Germany.

Some expats can find German life a bit rigid and may prefer a more relaxed, sun-filled lifestyle. Yet the developed country is constantly evolving and trying to redefine itself both culturally and historically. German expats are often on the forefront of this dialogue in both new industry and as immigrants.

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