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Expats moving to Germany will find a cosmopolitan country rich in historyThe transition for expats moving to Germany should be straightforward. It’s a cosmopolitan and innovative country with a powerful economy that’s long been a popular expat destination for the high living standards it offers.

One of the biggest hurdles expats who want to move to Germany will face is its stringent immigration regulations. But there are opportunities for qualified expats in fields like business, science and technology, especially if they have skills that are in short supply.

The general standard of infrastructure is excellent. Expats probably won’t need a car thanks to extensive public transport in German cities and long-distance travel is made easy thanks to low-cost flights and good transport links.

Expats have numerous options when it comes to accommodation in Germany too – from furnished or unfurnished flats and maisonettes to trendy studio apartments, cottages and family houses. Most expats living in Germany rent property, but the process of purchasing a house isn’t complicated, even for foreign citizens.

Both public and private hospitals in Germany are on par with international standards, and expats with specific health concerns can find comfort in the fact that specialist facilities are in good supply.

The standard of education in Germany is exceptionally high. The system accommodates the fact that students have different abilities and there are various options that include an array of international schools throughout the country. 

Living costs in Germany can be quite high, but are around average for Western European countries. As can be expected, rural areas are cheaper than cities. Expats may also find that life in Germany is quite rigid. But if they’re willing to accept its strict rules, they’ll be rewarded with high standards of living in a safe environment.

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