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Moving to MunichProudly brandishing the motto “München Liebt Dich” or "Munich Loves You", it won’t be long before expats moving to Munich feel welcomed by Bavaria's proud capital. With its exuberant mix of stylish shops, trendy restaurants, bellowing beer halls and picturesque parks, it's easy to see why this city ranks among the top destinations for expatriates looking to settle in Western Europe. Rich in history, culture and arts, with an events calendar packed full of festivals throughout the year, expats moving to Munich will soon find that there is plenty to see and do outside of their busy work schedules.     

Being one of Germany's most prosperous cities, Munich is a magnet for professionals who seek the superb quality of life and first-class living standards for which it is so well renowned. With a favourable business climate and a highly qualified, innovative workforce, it boasts the lowest unemployment rate in Germany and is home to some of its highest income earners – one only need glance at the vast array of exquisite vehicles frequenting its Autobahn to see that it is as much a place of style as it is of wealth.

The standard of accommodation in Munich is excellent. Although it is not easy to find a suitable property with demand being so high, once an expat does find a place they are sure to feel safe and comfortable in the city.

Regardless of whether someone is a young professional or a devoted parent looking for a safe suburb for their kids to grow up in, there is likely to be a suitable area of Munich to suit any individual's requirements. 

Healthcare facilities in Munich are excellent, albeit very expensive. Expats living in Munich have access to both private and public hospitals. The city is home to numerous surgical centres and specialised practitioners, and features some of the most advanced hospitals in the world. All expats working full-time in Munich are obliged to have a health insurance.

Munich is genuinely unique in the sense that it embraces modernity while preserving heritage – a small-town-village meets a high-tech atmosphere. Not only does it play host to multinational business headquarters such as BMW, Siemans AG, Allianz and Osram; it also features a multitude of historical sites such as central Munich's bustling Marienplatz; the Maximilianstrasse boulevard; Odeonsplatz with the Feldherrnhalle and the Theatine Church; and Maxvorstadt, the cultural epicentre of Munich. Not to mention, the city is a centre for biotechnology and software development. 

No matter what it is that an expat looks for in a city, they can rest assured they will find it here. And forget about compromise – while some cities have to rely on certain distinguishing features to make up for those that may be lacking, Munich has it all.

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