Physical address: A-12 Sector 132, Noida Expressway, Uttar Pradesh 201304



Telephone: +91 97110 00625/626/498/560

Gender: Co-educational

Teaching language: English

Ages: 2.5 to 18

Curriculum: International Baccalaureate and CBSE (Indian)

What the school says

"The ethos at Genesis Global School (GGS) is one of celebrating the individual and their place in a wider community. Our mission is one of enabling every child to reach their potential within an increasingly global world. Our teachers are part of a wider team of professionals who will guide, nurture and inspire your child to take ownership of their learning both in and out of the classroom environment. A wide range of sports are available including amenities such as an Olympic-standard swimming pool and equestrian facilities. Your child will be able to participate in co-curricular opportunities with world-class facilities led by highly experienced and qualified international and local staff."


"The international curriculum at GGS aims at providing a well-structured, holistic programme to learners of all ages and all abilities. GGS is focused on academic excellence through the concept-based and context-driven curriculum which develops our learners not just as knowledgeable inquirers but also as skilful practitioners through experiential learning.

From PYP to MYP/IGCSE and DP, all learners are put in the heart of the planned, taught and assessed curriculum. They are the advocates of their learning, making the programme very much learner-oriented, tailored to individual needs and developing every child to the best of their abilities.

The enhanced child support programme provided by the learning support team, the ESL support team and the counselling services ensures all learners have equal opportunities for success.

GGS is not only about international curriculum, it is a strong combination of curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular programmes ensuring quality and success!"


Fees for the 2020/2021 academic year range from 3.5 to 7 lacs and can be paid annually, twice a year or per term. There is an application fee of 700 INR.  

From the director

"Working in India is a wonderful and exciting cultural experience. People are friendly and polite and willing to assist whenever possible. The teachers and staff I have met at Genesis Global School have all been eager to share their experiences and are open to new ideas about teaching and learning. I am lucky to find myself in a community such as this one and I know it will be an enriching experience for me and the rest of the team as well.

Studying in this country is on par with the education offered in good schools worldwide. Students enjoy international curricula and services, all while learning about this intensely culturally rich country. "

– School Director David Brazeau

From the parents

"When moving to India, one of the challenges we faced was finding the right school for our boys to provide them with education which would then be recognised in the world. As my children had IB education previously and we had seen the benefits, we wanted to have the same continued in India as well.

Genesis Global School proved itself as a true IB school. My boys, who usually find it difficult to adjust to new environments, faced no issues and adjusted to everything so quickly and easily!

Though there is a great cultural difference – difference in food, weather, approaches – it all seemed to be non-existent. The warm acceptance of the class teachers, the care and the professional support they were provided with ensured that the boys joined the school as happy learners.

It’s not only the high-quality teaching that makes me happy for the choice but the great emotional support that children get. They have been attending the school with the expectation of something great, something new to happen every day. They have been leaving the school with huge smiles on their faces and with long lists of things they want to share with us at home about how wonderful it was at school.

My son Maksim summarizes the events of the day saying 'It’s the best day for me!' – and it seems to be the best every day!"

Further reading

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