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Irish Citizen Moving to Oslo, Question about residency and working for UK company

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Submitted by OsloIrish on
Destination: Norway

Good day

I am moving to Oslo next week from the UK, I have recently received my Irish Citizenship making me an EU citizen again

I was moving and then registering as a job seeker.

My company has offered me (UK) to continue to work while living in Norway.

This brings up many questions:

Recommend experts who can help you buy a new building in Dubai?

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Submitted by Dominika on
Destination: Dubai

To my mind, the main thing is to choose specialists who have a deep knowledge of the local real estate market and have had many reviews of the real estate agency in Dubai . It's important to have an experienced team who can provide invaluable information and advice to make your new home buying or investment experience a success. And what is important for you in choosing a real estate agency?

Driving in Norway, debate whether to move to a country where you will not be able to drive

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Submitted by Jante Loven on
Destination: Norway

Upon arriving in Norway you will be allowed to drive for 90 days on your current drivers license and then will have to retake your entire driving education and be forced to work with “Vegvesen” Norwegian equivalent of the DMV in the USA.  Expect no assistance and a blaze attitude where Americans are seen as people unable to drive a car or motorcycle.

Continue studying from Ecuador at 'TECH Universidad'

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Submitted by Nortedesden on
Destination: Ecuador

I have been living in Ecuador for a few months now and I have the idea of studying a postgraduate degree to enhance my professional opportunities. I am thinking of studying at TECH University. I have looked for information and I have seen that you have the possibility of studying online, without timetables or classes and that the official qualifications they offer are validated by the Ecuadorian Ministry of Education. Has anyone studied at the university and can you tell me more about the study system and its contents? Thank you very much ;)

Recruitment process

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Submitted by sgfonseca@hotm… on
Destination: Abu Dhabi

Hello, Could you please help me understanding if it is usual to start a recruitment process for a job in health care by paying a fee to the agency? And to pay another fee after 45 of taking the job and relocating to the place? I was approached by an agency who presented me this situation and I would like to know if it is normal or if it could be a scam. They claim the fee is to cover licences, visa, negotiation with employer, etc. It's a consultancy agency that recruit health care professionals to EAU.


Thank you.


Job searching tips

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Submitted by NATOman on
Destination: Ukraine

Hey, good people. So, I'm a (current, for the next month or so) trainer working with Ukrainian soldiers with a NATO military, but I'm going on terminal leave and separating this month. Anyway, because we're absolute masters at timing me and my Ukrainian wife are in the process of moving back to Ukraine (getting a residence and work permits etc for me). We're in our mid thirties if it's relevant.

What are the best public bilingual schools in Vienna?

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Submitted by Constantin Calancea on
Destination: Vienna

Is there a chance to get 2 children in a bilingual English -German public school in Vienna Austria?

How many bilingual public schools are in Vienna? Where are they located?

How many private bilingual schools are in Vienna and what are the tuition prices per year?

Any piece of advice will be greatly appreciated on finding a relatively not expensive bilingual school in Vienna.

Thank you all in advance for your kind advice.

Pet travel from UK to Kazakhstan

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Submitted by hkerigan on
Destination: Kazakhstan


At the start of August, I will be moving from the UK to Almaty, Kazakhstan. I am in the process of getting my dog and cat ready for travel, however I am a little confused by the travel criteria. In some places it states I will need an import permit from Kazakhstan and in others it states I do not. 

Does anyone have an experience in this area or can offer any first hand experience, this would be much appreciated.

Job Offer as a Civil Engineer Expat

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Submitted by Ella on
Destination: Glasgow

Hi! I just want to ask for an advice. I was interviewed and got an offer from New Life Construction Ltd. as a Civil Engineer Expat for a project called Polmadie Bridge Repair. I don't have much of an experience as a Civil Engineer, just 3 yrs total of exp as an Assistant Engineer and as an Assistant Civil QS. So, their offer was really tempting becausde they're offering 105 GBP per hour, they would be shouldering all the processing fees, RT airfare tickets, travel assistance, working visa etc.

Expert advice needed for Spain

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Submitted by davidswill on
Destination: Spain

Hello fellow expats

I'm heading to Barcelona for a postdoc research for at least 6 months at Universitat de Barcelona and could use some advice of yours. I'm looking for tips on managing daily expenses and finding suitable accommodations(preferably close to the university) and also the city's transportation options. Any general advice on living in Barcelona would be greatly appreciated. Oh, I forgot to ask about affordable eating sports.

Looking for suitable schools in Brisbane, Australia

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Submitted by Samwil on
Destination: Australia

Hi, am asking on behalf of a friend who is a Taiwanese and would like to school his children in Brisbane, Australia. However, it seems difficult to find a school in Brisbane that is able to take in both his son and daughter in the same school. Is there any avenue and source which he can work on to realise this, or any recommendation/criteria to work on, e.g. recommendation from association, help groups, etc.

Followings are his request/info:

Opening Bank Account Bulgaria

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Submitted by MK_SLP419 on
Destination: Bulgaria

Hello. I am not planning to move to Bulgaria long-term, but will be studying in Plovdiv for 3 months and need to open a bank account. Can I do this before I move to Bulgaria or must this be done in person? Does anyone have experiences, good or bad, with banks in Bulgaria? I already have by Type D visa and such. Any advice is greatly appreciated. 

Accomodation (House) in Sydney Australia - house-swap wanted in Switzerland

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Submitted by RobertU on
Destination: Switzerland

Hi there,

We are considering working in Zurich and would like to either rent out our large house in Sydney, or do a house-swap with someone in the Zurich area.

Are you relocating to Sydney, or relocating from Switzerland to Sydney and need accommodation in a furnished house with a lovely garden?

Considering a Move to Chile - Seeking Insights

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Submitted by Jamessmith0901 on
Destination: Chile

Hey, fellow expats and travel enthusiasts!  Planning a move to Chile and would love your insights.

City Choices: Santiago, Valparaíso, or Concepción? Which is more expat-friendly?

Cost of Living: Any tips on managing expenses? Hidden costs to be aware of?

Language Barrier: How feasible is it to get by with basic Spanish initially?

Job Market: Any insights on job opportunities for IT/Computer Science?

Cultural Integration: Tips for integrating into Chilean culture?

Do i need a visa to stay and work in Ireland?

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Submitted by Georgianna on
Destination: Ireland

Good Morning everyone im from Greexe im planning to move to Ireland to work and if i like it and of course the life there its fine and i can stay i will stay. So my question there is do i need to get a visa? Cause im from european union and i want to know if i can get there with my id or i need paasport? Or do i need a visa for permanent aa stay or temporary stay? How does that goes? And do i need to have a private healthcare insurance before i arrive? And if yes where can i do that? Or my employee is doing that? Do i pay something for this? How much does this cost? Is every month?

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