Physical address: Sector 100, Noida 201301



Telephone: +91 95601 30099/29222, +91 120 461 7000

Gender: Co-educational

Teaching language: English

Curriculum: International Baccalaureate

Ages: 1 to 18


Pathways School Noida was launched in 2010. The day school is centrally located with ease of access from Delhi, Noida and Ghaziabad. The school applies the multiple intelligences approach, developed by Dr Howard Gardner from Harvard University. The school provides a safe, tranquil, stimulating and intellectually challenging environment suited to the learning needs of each individual. Students learn to be confident communicators who think independently, use technology easily and move on to top universities in India and around the world.

The school is located on a 10-acre site and is equipped with an environment-friendly modern architecture with a world-class academic and sporting infrastructure. Pathways has created a benchmark in the purposeful use of technology in school education with universal radio networking and the use of interactive whiteboards and projection screens to integrate information communication technology (ICT) with classroom learning.


Fees (per quarter) for the 2019/2020 school year range from 1,50,000 INR (Grades 1 to 8) to 2,59,000 INR (Grades 11 and 12). Parents have flexible payment options. Fees can be paid quarterly or annually. 

For new students, there is a 4,000 INR brochure and application form fee, a 15,000 INR registration fee and a 1,40,000 INR admission fee.

From the director

"What makes a great school? It certainly is not beautiful buildings, comfortable, temperature-controlled classrooms or great sports facilities – although we have those. It is not easy access to advanced technology, to student laptops and interactive boards – even if Pathways has been a leader in that area. It is not an international curriculum, well suited to prepare children for a globalised world – even though we offer the International Baccalaureate programme at Pathways.

What matters in a school is its heart. Its conviction that a school must prepare each child to be the best that she or he can be. The recognition that different children excel in different ways and that for one person, being an outstanding soccer player is as important as being a brilliant Mathematician is for another. That academic success is a vital ingredient for success in life, but so is communicating well, problem-solving and taking responsibility for improving our world. That new problems require new solutions and the contributions of young people have enormous value. At Pathways, we want our students to make a habit of multiple excellences.

In teaching our students this, we emphasise discipline even as we show them that the best form of discipline is self-discipline. Our students are challenged to develop new skills and assisted if they need additional support. Small class sizes, passionate and dedicated teachers provide a stimulating learning environment. Nurturing each individual, focusing on the creation of a vibrant, happy atmosphere creates confident, lively young people who love coming to school.

Welcome to Pathways School at Noida. I look forward to welcoming you to the school."

– Dr Shalini Advani, School Director, Pathways School Noida

From the parents

"The more I get to know about Pathways, the more I like it. It is the best decision which my husband and I have taken for our daughter. The Pathways family is doing a brilliant job in keeping that BIG smile on her face. A BIG hug and a BIG thank you!"

– Ashwita

"We would like to express our heartfelt thanks for all the endless support and encouragement we have received from Pathways School Noida towards our daughter. Pathways as a community has been extremely helpful and accommodating towards our needs. The school staff and teachers have all stood by us, motivated and supported us through difficult times. Be it emotional support or administrative adjustments, you always helped us find a solution."

– Richa Gupta 

"I am amazed how at Pathways you celebrate each child on their simplest achievement and focus on celebrating the child first and then the achievement! It is in these small details that geniuses are created."

– Shuchita

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