BAQ_Website_Pic1_Senior.JPGPhysical address: Building 32, Umm Lekhba 31 Zaid Bin Al Mohajer Street 907, Doha



Telephone: +974 44217553/4/6

Gender: Co-educational

Teaching language: English

Curriculum: Canadian and Qatari

Ages: 5 to 18

About the school

Blyth Academy Qatar (BAQ) is an active JK-to-12 international school that embraces diversity, celebrates differences in cultures and engages students in their learning. BAQ enjoys students from more than 40 nations enriching the experience for all students to function in a global society. 

Students at Blyth Academy Qatar will experience a personalised, differentiated, collaborative and experiential learning environment that leads to higher levels of motivation, engagement and achievement, and that features:

•    Small class sizes (maximum of 20 students), allowing teachers to focus on personalized teaching
•    Customisation of learning to student needs
•    Recruitment and development of high-quality educators
•    Comfortable, empathetic, nurturing learning environments
•    Interdisciplinary use of technology and tools to explore study topics, present content, communicate with others and more
•    Academic counselling
•    A variety of local excursions to enrich the learning experience

BAQ is part of the Globeducate network, which has 50 private schools internationally and prides itself on shaping students to become global citizens. 


Blyth Academy Qatar is accredited by the province of Alberta, Canada and the State of Qatar. Both accrediting bodies inspect the school annually ensuring BAQ is meeting required standards.


Fees for the 2019/20 school year range from 27,571 QAR to 52,555 QAR. Fees are payable annually. There is an application fee of 3,570 QAR.

From the head of school

"Blyth Academy Qatar prides itself on being an inclusive learning environment with our diverse student population. It offers the world-renowned Alberta, Canada curriculum, preparing students for entrance into post-secondary institutions around the world. We are fortunate to have Alberta-certified teachers who are dedicated, highly trained and committed to providing a quality education to each and every student.

Students in Kindergarten to Grade 12 are engaged in hands-on, experiential lessons and activities challenging them to be active learners. As a Canadian international school, we are known not only for our quality education but the sense of 'family' we portray in a collaborative and supportive learning environment. Our small class sizes, caring staff and multicultural atmosphere make our school community an inviting place for students to thrive and reach success.

Our faculty is dedicated to providing effective, engaging classrooms that prepare students for the challenges of the 21st century. Every student is inspired to reach their academic potential in a supportive learning environment. BAQ also strongly supports the values, traditions, and culture of Qatar. Strong programs in Arabic or French, Islamic Studies, and Qatar History enhance the learning experiences of our students.

I hope that you come and visit our school to see firsthand the welcoming, nurturing, and quality learning environment we have to offer."

Darlene Sullivan
Head of School

From the parents

"BAQ has provided a positive, multicultural, warm and welcoming environment for my son. It offers robust Canadian curriculum, and holds Canadian and Qatar accreditations. It supports my sons academic and social learning and teachers and administration are always available for discussion and planning, with my son's best interest in mind."

– Mary P (parent)

"One of the things that I have appreciated the most about Blyth Academy Qatar are the staff. Every child has challenging moments from time to time when it comes to school. When this happens, you want to know that your children are supported not only academically, but emotionally as well. BAQ’s greatest strength can be found in the teachers and other staff who make consistent efforts to engage, support and positively impact the lives of children."

– Sherry G (parent)

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