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By adminexpat - Posted on 30 January 2012

Hot Topics in the Expat World

HSBC Explorer Reveals the Best Countries for Expats to Live In
Download the new Expat Arrivals Schools Guides for detailed reviews of international schools in cities around the world.

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Expat Arrivals Schools Guides

Download the new Expat Arrivals Schools Guides for detailed reviews of international schools in cities around the world.

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Expat Checklist: Tips for Planning Your Relocation

No matter your reason for relocating, there are a whole host of things you will need to consider before you go to ensure that your expat experience is a success.

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Local Laws in Abu Dhabi

The grey area attached to local laws in Abu Dhabi and the consistency in interpreting and enforcing legislation is large and often times illegible, much to an expat's disadvantage.

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Expat Contract Negotiation

When contemplating a move overseas and it's time to negotiate a contract you need to be smart and informed about what to consider in your relocation package.

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Considering Homeschooling When Living Abroad

Home education is a sometimes-overlooked option that addresses a number of the unique issues expat families face.
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By adminexpat - Posted on 30 January 2012

Managing Your Finances

Read articles offering financial advice and money magament tips for expats.

Pension Planning for British Expats

Investment strategy for British expats...
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How to File a Tax Return as an American Expat

Ins and outs of filing from abroad...
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Money Management for Expats in Australia

Finances 101 for expats emigrating to Oz...
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Moving Abroad - Tax Implications for UK Nationals

A guide to the tax implications of moving abroad for UK citizens...
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The Benefits of Offshore Banking for Expats

Advantages that add up for global nomads...
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Getting your Finances in Order Before you Go

Guide to pre-relocation admin...
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By adminexpat - Posted on 30 January 2012

Women and families

A section specifically for women, mothers and children

Preparing Your Kids for Living Abroad

Prep the little ones for life overseas...
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Moving your Marriage Abroad

Preparing your relationship for relocation...
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The Trailing Spouse No Longer Need Be Such a Drag

Empowering the accompanying spouse...
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10 Benefits of Joining an Expat Woman's Group

They're more than just bored housewives and handbags...
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Women in Saudi Arabia

The challenge of being female in the KSA...
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Women in Qatar

They're more powerful than you think...
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By adminexpat - Posted on 30 January 2012

Working Abroad and Doing Business Overseas

Read articles offering advice for expats on finding a job and managing a career

Expat Interview Skills

Overcome cultural differences to get the job...
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Expat Contract Negotiation

The A to Z of the expat package...
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Is There a Recession-Proof Expat Destination?

Lucrative safe haven do still exist...
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Modern Business the Ancient Way

The art of doing business in the Middle East...
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Expat Salaries in the Middle East

A comparison of wages...
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Expat Salaries in China

Guide to what you should be making...
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By adminexpat - Posted on 02 March 2012

Overcome Culture Shock

Personal stories and informative articles about how to overcome culture shock as an expat moving overseas.

Local Laws in Abu Dhabi

From head scarves to hand holding...
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Settling into Doha

One family's transition to Qatar...
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Repatriation: The Unexpected Relocation Challenge

Moving home sweet home can be anything but a piece of cake...
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Beating Loneliness Abroad

Overcoming the hurdle of the initial isolation...
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Learning to Speak Thai

Tackling the Thai Language...
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Six Steps to Tapping into Local Culture in Southeast Asia

The colour and charisma of the East...
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