Moving to Seville

Expats moving to Seville, the capital of Andalusia, will experience a traditional Spanish city bursting with rich culture, interesting history, and vibrant festivals.

Seville’s small population of just over one million residents allows expats to enjoy the activity of an urban centre, while having access to the space and freedom normally associated with rural areas. 

The metropolis also acts as a comfortable hub from which expats can explore Southern Spain.

Seville is a proudly Spanish city, and, despite becoming more cosmopolitan of late, the locals remain proud of their traditional ways. The centre is packed with historical monuments and churches blessed with Moorish and Gothic influence; an abundance of tapas bars and lively clubs; and plenty of flamenco tablaos to give foreigners a real chance to experience authentic Spanish life.

The year-round blue sky is another attraction offered up by the marvellous city, but during summer the heat can hover around (100°F) 40°C degrees, which is why most Sevillianos disappear, leaving the city like a ghost town.

Thanks to a cost of living lower than other Spanish cities, the expat crowd is growing. Though, expats moving to Seville in 2011 will need to realise that the recession has placed heavy strain on the local economic climate. Be prepared to search hard for job opportunities within the teaching and tourism trades. 

Still, Seville is developing, and there are plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurs and expats to make Spain’s fourth largest city their new home.

Barry Our Expat Expert

I've been living in Seville as an EFL Teacher and writer for five years. I'm currently writing a blog about life in Seville.

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