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Posted by Smith
on 14 Dec 2018
Good morning. I have been offered a job near Karbala, Iraq and would like to move there with my wife and two sons. What is the safety situation in this area? Will my family be able to have a good quality of life here?
dheyaa on 18 Dec 2018

dear Smith

The situation is relatively safe in Iraq, as for Karbala, it is always safe. It is a tourist city, full of foreigners from all nationalities. There are hotels like Rotana, The Baron and many tourist hotels.
You can work in Karbala. People are friendly with outsiders, You can also rent a house or apartment, You and your family welcome in Karbala.
Do not hesitate to communicate.

Gozie on 23 Dec 2018

Dear Dheyaa,

Thank you for the time you have always created to respond to people's questions.

Please permit me to deviate a little from the subject discussed. I am currently a Production Operator in an Oil and Gas Company in Nigeria; my profile says more. I have always loved to work in Saudi (even if it is a new career) and have made so many efforts in which one of them brought me to this forum.

Please what is the best way to achieve this dream? Where can I see new jobs that I could apply and have positive results?

Thanks a lot.


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