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Posted by paramita
on 24 Jan 2019

Hi all,

I am planning to move to Johannesburg from Bangalore, India in 2019 by the month of August- September with my 6 years old son. In India he is studying in ukg now and from the month of May he will be in standard 1.

1.Anyone please let me know what is the process of getting admission in school of Johannesburg?

2.Is it possible to get admission in the middle of academic year?

3.He is 6 years old.So which class he will be?

4.If he is studying in cambridge curriculum in India,is it beneficial to get admission in Cambridge curriculum school in South Africa?

5.please let me know some Cambridge curriculum schools in Johannesburg where most of the Indian are studying?

Catherine on 24 Jan 2019

Hi PARAMITA, in South Africa, children start school in the year they turn seven, so if you son is turning seven this year then he would likely be placed in grade 1, or if he only turned six this year, then he would be placed in Grade R (which is equivalent to kindergarten). 

There are a range of schools to choose from in Johannesburg, including government/state schools, private and international schools (some do offer the Cambridge curriculum), and whichever you choose would all depend on your preferences, budget and area in which you end up living in Johannesburg. If you're only planning to be in Joburg for the short-term then it may be preferable to keep your son in the Cambridge system, but if you'll be in the city more permanently, then your options are broader. For a good overview of education options in the city, I suggest you have a read of our Education and Schools in Johannesburg page. We also offer a list of private schools and international schools.

Schools will accept new students in the middle of the school year if they have place to accommodate them, but this all comes down to the individual schools, so it's best to contact your school of choice directly for further information regarding admissions.

All the best with your decisions and the big move!

paramita on 24 Jan 2019

Hi Catherine,

Thank you very much for your reply.

Could you plz inform me the process of application to a school from India?Is study visa is required to get admission in a school in South Africa? If yes what is the process of application for study visa?


Thanks in advanced.

Catherine on 30 Jan 2019

It would be best to contact the schools directly to enquire about this. Most, if not all, schools in Joburg have websites and you should be able to find their contact details there. Are you moving to Joburg as part of a company relocation? If so, the company should also be able to assist you in your visa applications. The Department of Home Affairs website may also be helpful for visa info.