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Posted by Chiggins
on 18 Apr 2017
Moving from UK to Abu Dhabi with 9 and 6 year old girls....Looking for views on areas to live and good schools. Ideally looking for villa/house rather than apartment. Residential area preferred with decent amenities
Meagan on 19 Apr 2017
I don't have any personal experience to speak from, but from what I've read online, it should take about two to three weeks.
Meagan on 19 Apr 2017
Hi Chiggins,

Congrats on your future move. We have a page about the various suburbs in Abu Dhabi which you might find useful. Some family-friendly areas are mentioned on that page - namely Al Karamah, Al Rowdah and Al Mushrif, and Al Muroor. All these areas are in the vicinity of good schools, so they might be worth looking into. More info here: Areas and Suburbs in Abu Dhabi.

As far as recommendations for individual schools go, have a look at our International Schools in Abu Dhabi page. We have an extensive and comprehensive list of the best schools in the city with lots of information, including curriculum (I assume you'll be looking for UK curriculum as that's where you're moving from - there are a number of schools offering this).

How soon will you be moving? Have you arranged your visa yet?


Anonymous (not verified) on 19 Apr 2017
Hi Meagan. Thanks for the excellent feedback - I will check out your suggestions. We are hoping to be in country by August/September. I am awaiting for my company to start the visa process - how long does this usually take?
Anonymous (not verified) on 20 May 2017
hi I am a teaching assistant in the uk I am looking to make a fresh start in Abu Dhabi and is there a demand out there for tas from uk?

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