As an expat do you own property in your home country or purchase elsewhere?

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By Emma Bowman - Posted on
28 August 2011
Hi, I recently moved to France after 18 years in the Middle East. I'm still an expat just nearer to home. Since home is the UK and I don't like the rain, I decided that the South of France ticked many of my boxes. I now work in real estate and I wondered if there were many other expats like me - meaning lived away for a long time but still want to invest their money in Europe which is considered a more stable housing market. Is this true? And if it is, how do you search for properties when you're located so far away? Would you think a specialist expat real estate service would be of benefit? It's an idea I have to set up to aid expats. Would you consider paying for such a service or prefer the non-commitment of a standard agent more? Thanks for your feedback. Oh and I have a blog or visit if you are looking for property in Provence-Cote d'Azur! Thanks Emma

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