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Posted by Mewiid
on 29 Dec 2016
Good afternoon everyone I recently received an offer for a position in Abu Dhabi and was thinking that Brighton College may be a good choice for my two kids (aged 14 and 15). I am researching potential areas to rent in and read that there is a bus service available to Brighton. I would really appreciate it if someone can give me an indication of which areas are serviced by the bus route and also recommendations regarding these areas with regards to affordability etc. Much appreciated
Meagan on 3 Jan 2017
Hi Mewiid,

Brighton College Abu Dhabi has a bus service as indicated on this page. However, routes and areas are not listed. It is probably best to contact the college directly for this information. They may also be able to recommend the best areas out of those served by the bus.

For a more general guide of Abu Dhabi's areas and suburbs, you may find this page useful, particularly the section on family-friendly areas. An estate agent may also be able to help you choose an appropriate area that meets your needs.

Best of luck with the move.