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Posted by Smith
on 20 Mar 2018
Hi. I've been offered a job in Buenos Aires and I'm planning to relocate to Argentina in a few months. I have some concerns about the move, specifically about taking my pets with me. I have two rescue dogs, one small (about 8kg) and one medium-large (about 30kg). Can I transport them by plane? Does Argentina have any specific laws about bringing dogs into the country that could make this difficult? If anyone has done this before and could give me some tips I would really appreciate it. 

I'm also curious to know if Buenos Aires is dog-friendly? My job will be in the city and I will be looking for an apartment nearby, but this means I will have to be able to take my dogs for walks quite often. Will having dogs make it more difficult for me to find an apartment? And are there any dog-friendly parks in the city? 

Thank you for your help.
Kyle de Villiers on 22 Mar 2018

Hi Smith,

Buenos Aires is famous for its dog-loving culture. There are many dog-friendly parks and a few dog-walking services. That being said, landlords the world over aren't fans of our furry friends. You'll find that having pets will limit your pool of potential apartments.

When moving your pets you'll need (1) to have them microchipped (keep the record/certificate), a recent certificate to prove that they've recently had a rabies vaccination and (3) a certificate of health from a vet. 

Once you have documents for the abovementioned procedures, send them to your local government vet, who will approve their authenticity. 

There's a list of dog species that are banned from Argentina. Find the list on Google and make sure that your buddies aren't on that list. 

Are you organising the move yourself?

It might be worthwhile enlisting the services of a relocation company. Expat Arrivals has a page on relocation companies in Argentina.  

I hope this helps and many woofs to you.


Smith on 22 Mar 2018
Hi Kyle. Thank you for your response. I was planning on organizing the move myself, but I've started to realize what a challenge it is going to be. I will definitely take a look at the relocation companies. Thanks again.