Can my wife sponsor me to enter Qatar?

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By Heino Uhde - Posted on
20 June 2012
We are planning a move to Qatar from South Africa. we have two small children aged 2 and 4. Both of us applied for jobs but with my expertise there is not a lot of jobs readily available. My wife on the other hand will most certainly find a job easily. Is it possible for my wife to sponsor me to go to Qatar? We have heard that only our children could be sponsored by her to move to Qatar.
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Hi Heino

As long as you are married and your wife earns more than QR 7,000 she will be able to sponsor you and your children. Take a look at Visas for Qatar for more information.
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Thanks for the advice!

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Please be weary.....I am a South African teacher and am having great difficulty in sponsoring my husband.

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