Posted by hopperbc
on 21 Apr 2017
I am being offered 55000 UAE per month how does that stack up for the economy there and what class would that put me in.
Anonymous (not verified) on 2 May 2017
They are benefits such as: Housing allowance, auto allowance, health, medical, Education, bonuses, return home trips, etc.
Anonymous (not verified) on 30 Apr 2017
i have had little experience living In UAE due to my visa expiry but all i can say is that, that a pretty good offer. the economy in dubai is no diferent to the rest of the world infact its barerable compared to UK it all depends on how you wish to live your life. about class, only the locals have in UAE the rest is treated general public.
Catherine on 2 May 2017
Hi hopperbc, on the surface that seems like a pretty good salary, but this all depends on what field you will be working in and whether this is market related. What job are you going to be doing there? Is this the full cost to company salary, or will you be getting other benefits such as medical aid and housing provided by your company, on top of this? Do you have a spouce and children going with you?

I suggest you take a look at our Cost of Living in Dubai page to get an idea of what life in the emirate is going to cost you. From there you can figure out whether this is a good salary according to your own lifestyle and daily needs.