Drink drive conviction from 1975 (37 years ago) when I was aged 17

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07 August 2012
Would I be deem rehabilitated to enter Canada. I have obtained the court report and have applied for a police certificate, to show, that I have never committed a crime since. Would this be enough or do I need something else Any info appreciated
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Hi daisykay1975, you seem to be on the right track with regards to getting the court order and police clearance - you may be deemed rehabilitated if at least 10 years have passed since you completed the sentence imposed for your crime, which in this case you have met this requirement by a long way. Factors that will be taken into consideration in this issue include the number and circumstances of the offenses, your behavior since the offense, and your current situation. It's best to be prepared, and upfront and honest about your situation - but remember, this process may take some time so you should plan well in advance. I'd suggest chatting to an emigration lawyer or a visa consultancy who would be able to guide you properly through the process to ensure that you have followed all the correct steps and have all the proper documentation. For more general info on entering Canada, check out our Visas for Canada page.

Good luck!
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