Posted by Kushal Desai
on 19 Dec 2016
Hi Team,
I'm planning to work/settle in Pretoria, SA. I am from Hyderabad, India. I did not apply for a VISA yet (I have the Passport). I would like to know the expenditure in getting the Critical skills VISA. One of the agents offered the VISA process for 90,000. I don't know whether it is reasonable or not. Please help me understand.
Thank you in advance! Your help is really appreciated!
Meagan on 4 Jan 2017
Thanks, Kushal! Happy new year to you too. Feel free to get in touch again if you have any more questions!

Kushal Desai on 4 Jan 2017
Thank you so much for your response, Meagan! It is 90,000 INR (you have answered my question). I will definitely check with my resources. I waited so eagerly for a response from someone. I Will let you know once everything goes fine. Thank you, again! Have a great day and Happy New Year!
Meagan on 3 Jan 2017
Hi Kushal,

90,000 in what currency? Either way, it sounds excessive to me. The application fee for a critical skills visa should be no more than a few thousand rand (approximately 1,000 to 3,000 ZAR, which is equal to about 5,000 to 15,000 INR). This is the basic cost of the application and while I expect that an agent would be more expensive, I still wouldn't expect to pay quite as much as you've been quoted. It's difficult to be sure of a reasonable price, though, without consulting and getting quotes from other companies or agents for comparison, which is what I recommend doing.

You might find the following page useful: South African Department of Home Affairs guide to Critical Skills visa.

Best of luck.

Kushal Desai on 4 Jan 2017
Thank you for your wishes! I just posted a question, Meagan! I will be happy if you respond/answer my question. I didn't ask here as it was a new question. Thanks & Regards, Kushal Desai