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17 June 2011
I'm moving with my young family to HK. The kids will be going to the American International School in Mong Kok. I will be working in the CBD. Given this, where is a good place to live? I'm moving from Sydney and love the beaches (Repulse Bay is ok but not good for the school commute). I also love the buzz of the city but know that high rise apartment living wouldn't be great for the kids. I really also don't want to live in a claustrophobic expat gated community. Any suggestions? thanks a lot
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Hmm, sounds like you're going to have to sacrifice something along the way. I've contacted some of our local experts to help you with your query, but in the mean time, I certainly recommend having a look at the "Accommodation in Hong Kong" page. Lots of helpful info and good tips included.
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For any information on moving to Hong Kong go to
This valuable e publication has tried and tested information on essential topics which will make your move stress free
You should check out the housing chapter and pay particular attention to Sai Kung. the area has a beautiful beach and a large expat community and is a much easier commute to Mong Kok

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Hi there,
Hope some of the information below based on my experiences living in and moving to Hong Kong will help you.

Firstly, it is very difficult to find affordable, well located, property in Hong Kong that isn't a high rise apartment.  The majority of housing is in very tall, usually very small apartments, especially if a location close to work and school is important to you.

You can find low rise, 'village houses' and other options, dotted around in various locations, like Sai Kung, Lantau and around the outer lying New Territories, but this will be a lifestyle choice for you in terms of adding commuting time to your work and school days.

If you need to be near Mong Kok for your children's school then you could look at Hung Hom as an option which is a more local area with a number of Expats too.  I don't think you will find low rise living or beaches there, but you can get a home on the waterfront that feels connected to the city, but not too close, without actually being out in the countryside.

The only other tips I can think to offer at this point is to try to engage a number of different housing agents to help you with your search, as they tend to specialize in small, localized areas and as you will be looking for something different you will need as many people helping you to look as you can.  Also, as soon as you can when you get here, start visiting some of the areas you think you might want to live and do the commute to your school/office to get a sense of the reality of the journey.  

I don't want to dampen your high spirits as a move to Hong Kong is great and full of opportunity and you will find a great house/apartment that meets some or all of your needs.  At this stage though it is good to set your expectations that it is likely to be smaller than you had imagined or hoped and you may need to make a choice along the way between a commutable location and spacious, low rise, beachside living.  For me, I chose a fantastic view over having an oven in my kitchen, so no baking for me these days!

Please get in touch if I can help more and it would be really interesting to know how you get on in your search if you don't mind posting an update.
Good Luck

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If you are still looking for a place to move. You can consider living in village house, since they are bigger, usually around 650 sq. ft., 3 bedrooms, and with greenery surrounding. My mum has actually one in Shatin, looking for professionals, expat teachers preffered, to rent(long term). Take a look at this site:
Mong Kok is 3 MTR stations from Shatin.
My mum's house is facing a valley, with fresh air, think you might like it. But doesn't matter if you like it or not, just for your reference.
E-mail me if interested, there is a link in the above site.

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