Posted by Narasimhan
on 22 Jul 2017
I am a MBA Finance, Senior Accountant with more than 15 years of experience in accounts , My age is 47 years old.Can I get a job in Ireland,How is job market and how many months it will take to get a job? I am from India Please guide me
EmmaL on 3 Aug 2017
Hi Narasimhan

There are many ways in which you could apply for financial jobs in Ireland. One is by looking through online job portals for something that would suit you. Are you currently employed? If your company has a branch or contacts in Ireland, you could possibly transfer there. 

Have a look at this page on finding work in Ireland. In order to work there as an Indian national, you need a work permit, and this can only be required through an employer.

Good luck,
Anonymous (not verified) on 4 Oct 2017
Hi, I have completed my bachelor of engineering in computer science and I have 8 years of Exp. in UNIX and VMWare environments.Can I get a job in Ireland, How is the job market? I from India.
EmmaL on 5 Oct 2017
Hi there

Your best bet to finding a job in Ireland is either transferring there through a company in India or dealing directly with companies in Ireland. Ireland is a great place to live for expats, and with the aftermath of the recession, the job market is quite tight. You can read more at working in Ireland.

Good luck!