How can I find out the status of my visa cancellation in UAE and if I am blacklisted?

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30 November 2016

Hi, I moved to Dubai in 2015 to start a new business as a partner with an indian expat who is based there. He got me there on a work visa as a manager in an existing firm he owned.I was supposed to be added as a partner in a new firm and my visa changed.He turned tables on me and initially refused to do so. However, when I insisted he finally included me as a partner in another existing firm of his, with the approval of his local sponsor who is the majority partner, but refused to change my visa to an investor visa as required by the UAE law.Even after many discussions, he refused to change my visa. I sent him a resignation email and left the UAE. He has threatened me, before and after I left the UAE, with dire consequences. How can I find out if he has had me blacklisted or put some false case against me there? Would really appreciate any guidance.

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If you were in Dubai on a work visa and left before your contract was finished, an automatic labour ban would have been placed on you, either for six months or a year. Have a look at this link for more information about visa bans. It also has some advice on how to lift the ban. You'd probably only need to do this if you wanted to go back to the UAE though. To find out if you've been banned, you could get in touch with your local UAE embassy or consulate who should be able to give you further instructions on who to contact or what to do next. 
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Thanks so much Meagan

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Hello, my daughter is in grade 11 and my work visa doesn't cover her stay. Is there any school that can admit her and also grant her visa ? Please let me know as she is due to return in a matter of days if this isn't sorted . Thank you .. Edwin

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