Posted by Utku Kerem Gulcek
on 22 Aug 2016
Hello everyone, I want to meet people working in Pharma and related industries. I would appreciate if anyone could help me with this search. Best regards, Utku
Anonymous (not verified) on 25 Aug 2016
Hi Meagan, Thank you for the recommendations. I will try those. Best regards, Utku
Meagan on 24 Aug 2016
Hi Utku,

A good way to meet like-minded people, apart from getting to know your colleagues, is to search on social networks, especially Facebook, for groups sharing similar interests. You could also have a search online if there are any pharmaceutical conferences or talks happening in your area. Otherwise, if you just want to meet some fellow expats, there are lots of social meet-up groups you can join for exactly this - again, a quick search online should do the trick.

SweetDi on 11 Jan 2017
HI, I'd also like to know more about this because I'm looking into moving and am also in the pharmaceutical industry. Thanks! Diana