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Posted by santu1021
on 23 May 2016
Dear, I am from Indian Nationality , currently living with family and working in Belgium since 2009. Me and my wife we both are holding Belgium Permanent Residence. If I want work in Czech Republic, Do I need work permit? or Can I work without work-permit, using Belgium residence card ? How does Belgium Permanent residence will help in Czech Republic ? Thank You, Santhosh
santu1021 on 24 May 2016
Thank You. I have checked it but they don't speak of anything related to Belgium PR. This PR is not useful in Czech ? Should apply for work-permit like non-EU? Thank you.
Anonymous (not verified) on 29 May 2016
I lived in CZ for two years, now am in Belgium. I believe you can work freely, having a PR of Belgium, in any EU country. No need for complicated paper work. I think you can just find a place, move in and then register that you are there. No need for visas or residence permits. Just keep in mind that CZ is approximately 50 years behind Be!gium, in many ways, and more xenophobic as well. Therefore, know that you might experience that administrative staff in foreign police does not speak any foreign language, or that they get irritated if you speak English to them. Also, people mostly do not speak English, sometimes not even Uni profesors!! Czechs are naturally grumpy and communism brought xenophobic behaviour. However, this might be just my personal experience. Just bring a lot of patience with you for a start. Good luck!