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on 6 Nov 2012
Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone has any experience of living in Ecuador ? I have a job offer to teach English in Quito. The country looks amazing and I am totally excited about the opportunity. However, as a single girl I do have concerns about my safety. I've heard about violent crimes against tourists and foreigners. Is it safe to go out at night ?

Please let me know about your experiences.
Shantalie on 9 Nov 2012
Hi Kate,

Congratluations on your job offer.

You are right to be concerned about safety issues in Ecuador. The reality is the foreigners and expats have been the target crimes in major cities like Quito and Guyaquil. However, don't let stories in the media put you off. I think if you are streetwise and take the necessary precautions; not flashing your valuables around and travelling in a group at night, you should be fine.

Ecuador is a great place, and working in Quito will give you a brilliant opportunity to explore the country and the rest of South America. Have a look at our Moving to Ecuador page to give you some useful information on the pros and cons of expat life in Ecuador.

Good luck with your decision.

revfred2000 on 2 Jun 2015
I would like to begin corresponding with an expat in Ecuador in preparation for a move there. Would anyone either refer me to someone or volunteer to be my contact. Any help would be appreciated . . . retired minister moving to God's country :)
Heidi Schultz on 21 Sep 2016
Dear revfred2000,
If you haven't found a contact yet, I'll be happy to give you whatever advice I can offer. I have been living in Ecuador for the last six years.
- Heidi Schultz