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on 6 Dec 2013
I would like to ask you about a matter.A  few days ago I received via email a contract from " Awsaj Academy" and they send back to me an invitation letter which I will send it back via email also to a bureau of immigration services called " Dalma" . I am asking now it can be a scam ??
Xavier on 6 Dec 2013
Hi Maherr

There is a very good chance of this, if you were not in correspondence with them before. Generally, businesses don't just send people contracts. I wouldn't send them any of your personal information, and I would definitely say you must not send them any money. While Awsaj is a real school, somebody may be using their name to trick you.

The best thing to do would be to contact Awsaj directly via their official website (comes up first on the Google search).

There basic rules to follow are, it is always better to be safe than sorry, and if it seems to good to be true, then it probably isn't true.

 I can also recommend that you educate yourself about how things work there, so that you are prepared if somebody tries to fool you. See our Qatar guide, which starts with Moving to Qatar

Best of luck, hope it works out.

Kind regards

Maherr Elechii on 6 Dec 2013
Thanks alot Xavier for your fluent answer I will deffinetly contact the school Sunday morning to get an answer from them.
afidony on 15 Feb 2014
Maherr Elechii . The same thing is happening to me right now I've been offered a position in Al-Hekma international school in Qatar , then I was referred to DALMA IMMIGRATION SERVICES QATAR to finish my papers and all of this is only through the e-mail. please tell me what happened after this to you?
RH HD on 15 Feb 2014
hello afidony, r u here friend ? I think we do have the same problem
RH HD on 15 Feb 2014
here is my skype ID: mrh1983. Send me a friend's request and we'll talk.
afidony on 15 Feb 2014
RH HD on 15 Feb 2014
yeah, i visited that page. Tell me what u r gonna do... r u gonna get in touch with dalma immigration company or what ?
Anonymous (not verified) on 26 Feb 2014
i am feeling the same problem with Al hekma international school .
Anonymous (not verified) on 7 May 2014
it's a scam man , don't send anything.
Anonymous (not verified) on 6 May 2014
This concerns me. Does this mean that a job offer at Al Hekma International School-Qatar. How do you know if its legit or if its a scam? I haven't heard anything positive from the only review I have been able to find on the school on Daves ESL Cafe. I queried a lot of the contract after declining the offer and them persisting to inform them of why I declined. Hense, why I queried the contract in detail. I received a response with a new contract. No one I know in Qatar has heard of the school and not being able to find many reviews on it can either be positive or negative. I was instructed that in order to receive a permit/visa I would also need to send copies of my degrees to DALMA IMMIGRATION. How does one know if a job offer is legit or not in Qatar?! I am so freaked out and feel like I can't trust anything anyone says. Please help.