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Posted by Amarjeet Singh
on 23 Aug 2017
Hi there,
I am from India, currently working in UAE. Having 17 months kid. What I wanted that for the better and secure future of my son thinking to start his kindergarten in Canada. I am thinking that my wife and son can be relocated there and I can support them from UAE. Please suggest me. Is it can be possible?
Kind Regards
Amarjeet Singh
EmmaL on 24 Aug 2017
Hi Amarjeet

Does your wife work? If you want them to relocate to Canada while you stay in the UAE, they will need residence visas. Have a look at our page on visas in Canada. The Canadian government also has an excellent website on immigrating to Canada.

You can find information about schools on our page on education in Canada. Do you have a particular city in Canada in mind? Keep in mind that Quebec is predominantly French, so if you want your child to have an English education, you might want to look at other provinces. 

Hope this helps!

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