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Posted by Kushal Desai
on 22 Aug 2017


I am planning to move to Durban, I am worried about the safety life there as I am alone. I need to start a new life there. I have a job in Durban.

Cost of living
Health care
Job life

Thank you very much for you time and patience & A big thank you in advance!


EmmaL on 23 Aug 2017

Hi Kushal

In general, issues of safety won't be very different from the issues in Johannesburg. Wherever you are, It's always advisable to be vigilant in South Africa - don't flaunt your valuables, keep your house locked, be aware of your surroundings etc.

Have a look at this site that compares the cost of living in Durban to that of Joburg. Generally, Durban is slightly cheaper than Joburg. You'll always find private and public hospitals everywhere in South Africa, and your health insurance will mostly regulate what you will use. Air pollution is slightly better in Durban than Johannesburg, but the water quality is very similar. The climate in Durban is very tropical, and someone who is used to the dry air of Joburg might need some time to adapt. Traffic and job life or culture will vary greatly, depending on where you live and work, but inner-city traffic won't be as bad as Joburg.

Hope this helps! Where in Durban are you planning to live?




Kushal Desai on 23 Aug 2017
Hello Emma, Thank you very much for your reply and providing complete information. I am going to stay alone in (Umhlanga)Durban and that's why I am worried about. My salary is somewhere around R20000 it's very low as per my work exp but still don't want to miss the opportunity. I am a Software Test Engineer with around 5 years of experience. I am staying with my brother here in Midrand as I recently came from India. I am worried that whether I can survive my life in Umhlanga Durban with the salary I am earning. Thanks in advance! Kushal
EmmaL on 24 Aug 2017
Hi Kushal

Umhlanga is definitely one of the more upmarket areas in Durban, so you will at feel more at ease with regards to safety.

That said, Umhlanga is also a bit more expensive than the rest of Durban. However, with the current job market, it's not unusual for salaries to be slightly below average. Are you planning on renting?Depending on your lifestyle, your rent will probably take out a large chunk of your salary. However, you should be able to get by with your salary if you live modestly. Do you have a car? Petrol and maintenance costs will also take a toll on your bank account, but so will transport costs, unless you live close to work.

Hope I'm helping,

Kushal Desai on 24 Aug 2017
Hello Emma, A big thank you again! Yes, I would like to rent a home their to stay and I do not have a car. I should spend everything with the salary R20000. As far as I know, it is very difficult to survive my life by renting a home and starting a new life there with the salary I am earning. I better reject that job and continue searching a job in Gauteng area as I do not have any problem with the accommodation here. Please suggest! In fact, my parents are depending on me and I don't want to take risk. Thanks & Regards, Kushal

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