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Posted by Kal777
on 16 Sep 2012
Hi all, I have just been offered a role at a firm in AD at AED 35k per month ( approx 73k GBP or 420k AED per annum) plus some other cash benefits on top. I am married and have 1 daughter. Could anyone advise on good and reasonable priced locations to live which are 1) fairly close to same some good schools eg BSAK and 2) which will be easy for me to get to work (which is around Capital Garden Mosque / Khalifa st / 3rd st per Google). I plan to buy a car fairly soon upon arriving. Also – is there a good public transport network in AD (eg buses) that will make the commute to work short or would I need to drive in each morning?
ShantalieH on 17 Sep 2012
Hi Kal.

When it comes to good schools, most expat famaillies choose to base themseleves in Karamah where you can get an apartment for around AED 135,000 or Al Murror where you can get a villa for AED 300,000. These are nice family friendly areas close to schools, supermarkets, etc. You will also be living close to other expat famillies, which'll make settling in much easier. Read more about you options on the Areas and Suburbs of Abu Dhabi page.

Unfortunately, public transport isn't extensive in Abu Dhabi. Buses are the only mode of public transport and the bus network doesn't cover every single suburb. So this is something you'll need to factor in, when choosing where to live. However, the buses are nice and comfortable and stop at frequent intervals.

You'll need to be a pretty confident driver if you plan on getting behind the wheel in Abu Dhabi. Drivers on the streets of Abu Dhabi are known to drive chaotically. If you do decide to drive, the infrastructure, signage, etc is pretty well developed. 

Read more about the transport options on the Expat Arrival's Transport and Driving in Abu Dhabi page.

ood luck with your move :)
Kal777 on 17 Sep 2012
Thnx Shantalie that is very helpful. Is there any a reputable letting website or magazine u can recommend?
Shantalie on 18 Sep 2012
Hi Kal,

Hamptons and Better Homes are two internationally known estate agents that operate in the UAE.

It might also be an idea to approach your company's HR department and see whether they can recommend a local estate agent that has been used in the past to help new expats.

The Expat Arrivals Accomodation in Abu Dhabi is also a useful resource for you.