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Posted by elsaberry
on 7 Mar 2017

I am hoping you can help answer a few of my questions or send me in the right direction to someone who can.

I am a New Zealander currently living in the United Kingdom on a 2 year working visa which expires June this year. Me and my boyfriend (an EU citizen) are planning to move to The Netherlands July/August this year. I have the understanding that New Zealanders can obtain a working visa from immigration once in the country, is that correct? If so do you have some information about how much it is and how much money I will need to have already in my account? and I'm assuming it will be a 12month visa. Can I get the visa straight after my UK one expires? Also can this visa be renewable once expired?

Any information would be great and I would really appreciate it as I am struggling to find any information about New Zealanders living in The Netherlands.

Many thanks in advance,